Tomer Fainburg - Lead Photographer

Tomer started his career as a videographer at the age of 16, and since, has grown professionally and gained expertise in all areas of photography. He believes a good photographer first and foremost has to understand the mission at hand and the responsibility it entails.

The importance of telling the "story", using photography is to convey unique, special, one-of a kind moments. The second crucial element is the way things are done - pleasantly, with sensitivity, patience and with a smile, these are no less important to the memory of the complete experience than the final photos. Tomer holds in his arsenal practical experience in various fields: Private event photography, corporate and commercial events, ambience, and mood and studio photography.

A Little known fact about Tomer is his love for all things outdoors, he often takes his boys camping and loves exploring nature.

Chiko Ashkenazi