Chiko Ashkenazi - Lead Photographer

Chiko started his career in photography in 1990 as a young apprentice in his grandfather’s company. The family business was a leader in the field of editing and darkroom techniques. Chiko’s Grandfather, a highly acclaimed wedding photographer, passed down the knowledge and professionalism to his children and grandchildren like a secret of an old family recipe, enriching Chiko’s abilities and talents which enabled him to pursue his career into artistic, fashion photography.

Chiko founded the company in the UK in 2005, bringing a new style to the British market by combining his artistic touch with a professional edge. He began the company with one member of staff and one PC and has been growing at rapid speed ever since, becoming an industry leader.

Today, Chiko leads our team to provide an exceptional service to a wide variety of clients ensuring we are always at the forefront of our industry with our products and services. Chiko loves to challenge himself in his artistic nature; he is always looking to bring something fresh and unique to his photography, be that private or corporate functions, family photo shoots or portraits. He we will immediately put you at ease with his calm nature and charm, whilst ensuring you are having fun and enjoying yourself.

A little known fact about Chiko is that he was a professional footballer. He is still passionate about sports and fitness and enjoys a good game with his mates and weekly Muay-Thai training.

Chiko Ashkenazi
Tomer Fainburg - Lead Photographer

Tomer started his career as a videographer at the age of 16, and since, has grown professionally and gained expertise in all areas of photography. He believes a good photographer first and foremost has to understand the mission at hand and the responsibility it entails.

The importance of telling the "story", using photography is to convey unique, special, one-of a kind moments. The second crucial element is the way things are done - pleasantly, with sensitivity, patience and with a smile, these are no less important to the memory of the complete experience than the final photos. Tomer holds in his arsenal practical experience in various fields: Private event photography, corporate and commercial events, ambience, and mood and studio photography.

A Little known fact about Tomer is his love for all things outdoors, he often takes his boys camping and loves exploring nature.

Chiko Ashkenazi
Jo Russell - Lead Photographer

Jo studied for her degree at Southhampton institute and gained her BA(Hons) in photography and fine arts. Jo always looking for the next challenge, therefore, joined our team in 2013.

Jo finds the world and people in it so beautiful, and feels privileged to be part of the variety of functions we cater for and being able to capture it. Jo goes the extra mile to portray the best in people, always working with a smile ensuring the client’s shots are of the highest quality.

A little known fact about Jo is her first camera was actually her brother’s 13th birthday present, as a curious younger sister she successfully adopted it as her own. Never realizing that this would be a beginning of a life long love. 

Chiko Ashkenazi
Shmulik Ashkenazi - Lead Photographer

Shmulik has been part of Chiko photography from the beginning. Similarly to Chiko he has been part of the family business, benefiting from the same outstanding training, and ethos.

Shmulik is a real people person, understanding what it takes to deliver the highest quality of service, which we pride ourselves on. Shmulik has a fantastic eye for detail and prides himself on never missing a moment.

A little known fact about Shmulik is that as a teenager he was involved in the scouts, leading the next generation in contributing to the community

Chiko Ashkenazi